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What is fugiftcards?

What is fugiftcards?

A solution to pesky/bitcoin payment and transferring. We believe that sending the future’s currency should be fast and safe. Unlike most bitcoin services our service is a simple minute to 3-minute process that’ll save you time and give you peace of mind.

How does it works?

3 Simple Steps. Click Generate Code, choose the amount you wish to send and the desired recipient, then email the code! Easy! You can even copy and paste the code in your preferred messenger.

Who are we?

Tommy Fu and Eddie Fu, we’re just some geeky tech guys from the Silicon Valley with a dream, a dream to make bitcoin an easier form of payment!

Recent Reviews From Happy People


Their online service made it very simple for me to convert the gift card funds into bitcoin! I was able to generate a code that I could transfer into my wallet in less than 3 minutes. I recommended this service to my friends and family. Thank you FUGiftCards!


Absolutely love fugiftcards, super fast and super simple!


A+ Idea, A+ customer service, and overall A+ experience! My friends and I only use fugiftcards to send bitcoin to each other, it’s great for gifts or quick transactions.